About Us

Global experts in audio-visual technology empowering human connection.

Work with anyone, anywhere in a connected world powered with ICT and AV systems – tailored to your unique needs.

We Are Your Technology Partner – Helping Your Business Build Connected Experiences

Since 2015, AVFlux has been helping businesses leverage the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology solutions to achieve their goals and gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Reputable Company

AVFlux has partnered with Fortune 500 clients and has digitally transformed how businesses work, learn and live. In a constantly evolving market, we not only meet the needs of today but tailor to your requirements to make tomorrow better.

Best Professional Solution

We understand that the implementation of technology is a major decision that can impact stakeholders throughout the organisation, rippling through finance, and leadership to IT and lastly the end-users.

Enhancing Better Experiences

Every business is unique and every challenge faced is distinctive. In this competitive marketplace, we understand your strategic objectives and leverage the latest emerging technology to help your business achieve the desired target. From AV and digital signage to media production and IT, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your requirements and enhance your experience.

Workspace Experience

  • Upgrade meeting equity
  • Empower hybrid work
  • Boost corporate culture
  • Enhance workforce productivity

Immersive Experience

  • Empower brand, values and culture
  • Undertake immersed hybrid events
  • Initiate an enriched human experience

Security and Compliance

  • Maximise the impact of our solutions on your core operations
  • Understanding of the solution’s impact on the compliance obligations

Operative Experience

  • Securing access to the IT and OT sources
  • Improvisation of operator productivity
  • Elevating situational awareness

Media Production

  • Upgrading media factory production via agile, intelligent infrastructure
  • Optimization and scale production operations
  • Creating an adaptable hybrid environment

Media Supply Chain

  • Leveraging omni channel distribution to increase reach without extra cost
  • Managing the content lifecycle for asset redundancy and OPEX modelling

Digital Distribution

  • Enhancing brand loyalty and consumer experience
  • Achieving content distribution flexibility and resilience

Digital Experience

  • Upgrading employee engagement
  • Increasing revenues and improving consumer journey optimisation
  • Leveraging and capturing consumer analytics