Support & Maintenance Services

Focus on your business growth, while our serious problem solvers support your technology to help you gain a competitive advantage

Have issues with AV and UCC technology? Then, you can access real professionals in your local language to resolve problems. We ensure you get peace of mind with your technology running at its best. AV collaboration technology plays a vital role in making plans, sharing ideas and delivering high-quality work. By engaging in our support services your issues get resolved fast, especially wherever quick fixes are needed.

Our localised support team offers preventive maintenance and on-site assistance for your staff and the IT team.


The AV investment is worth all the money spent if properly maintained and the user can utilise it to the fullest to ensure exceptional productivity throughout the life cycle. AVFlux has a dedicated team of support and service experts offering top-notch services to customers, thereby ensuring the audio-visual systems are maintained in an optimised condition and the equipment is readily available as and when needed.

On-site tech support

Our exceptional collaboration technology comes hand-in-hand along with in-person support. If your issues cannot be fixed remotely, we offer on-site services for identifying and fixing the problem. However, if you are affected severely by larger tech failures, then we offer quick help to ensure things are back on track without delay.


If there is an issue, then we are ready to take up the challenge and repair it. Our troubleshooting capability is best understood as conventional break/fix offerings that are designed to guarantee a solution for any kind of unprecedented issue throughout your lifetime of connection with us.

Proactive Incident Management

Is your meeting space working to its full potential? AVFlux can offer monitoring software that runs in the background and operates via a single dashboard. We ensure everything is monitored starting from utilisation to system availability. This is done with our automatic flagging system for identifying and resolving issues before anyone notices them.

Preventive maintenance

You can rely on AVFlux to ensure your technology keeps on running consistently without any issues. AVFlux provides preventive, regular health checks that enable customers to keep the solutions updated and performing efficiently. Our team ensures all the measures are perfectly executed to ensure there are no major failures in the regular running of the AV estate.


Bringing technology and people together to ensure increased productivity in the workspace – because amazing things happen when technology enters your workspace!

Established with a proven track record

Fortune 500 companies and many other globally recognised business ventures rely on our flexible and secure collaboration and meeting services. Providing proactive engagement to our clients, we do everything starting from initial design and implementation to ongoing maintenance and support.

Experienced Professionals

We offer dedicated expertise to plan, supply, integrate and manage audio-visual system solution integration and other remote collaboration services. Our professionals have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We deploy resources to manage complexity, mitigate tasks and deliver high-end solutions to meet client expectations and ensure the success of the project.

Upgraded Knowledge Base

We are one of the industry leaders in the ICT & Pro AV industry and deliver the best technological solutions to both private and public businesses. We constantly upgrade our knowledge base via training for increasing technical competence, and quality assurance.

End-to-End Provider

We provide a comprehensive solution to transform your workspace to make your business presence have a worldwide impact. Working closely with the manufacturers, we ensure the best support, expertise and resources. We comply with industry standards for delivering reliable, high-quality and future-proof solutions.

Our Approach

From system design to installation and even providing lifecycle support, our professional AV team will be with you through every step. After a consultation, we provide a specific solution based on a five-point, 360-degree framework encompassing all AV needs, ambitions and requirements.

Project Initiation

We determine the AV needs of the client and try to understand the scope of the project. We identify the key project stakeholders and conduct surveys and interviews to understand specific AV requirements.

Designing Customised Solutions

We develop a detailed system design including software and hardware components. We ensure that the design complies with the industry standards and regulations.

Award Phase

We select the vendors for hardware equipment and purchase the materials. After that, we create technical drawings, schematics and blueprints.

Installation, Testing & Commissioning

We prepare site installation including electrical work and cable routing. Then, the hardware components are installed including projectors, display and control systems. After that, all AV systems are tested and integrated to ensure optimal functionality. Lastly, we calibrate audio and video settings ensuring optimal performance.

Project Handover

We provide our clients with comprehensive documentation that includes user manuals and maintenance guides. We also ask for a formal client acceptance document after completion of the project.

Maintenance & Support

We offer ongoing support and maintenance to the client.

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