Audio Visual As A Service (AVaaS)

Take advantage of your AV investments. Enjoy scalability and flexibility with the latest technology to simplify your operations.

Consume your technologies and evade the drawbacks of equipment ownership – meaning more than equipment ownership, proper usage will guarantee you more profits. That’s why many organisations are now focusing on strategic asset management that fits technological objectives and the budget which can reduce capital expenditures and improve operational efficiency.

Our audiovisual as a service helps you select the software, hardware and managed services to create a solution that best fits your business needs. While many believe that AV solutions can become obsolete, AVFlux can provide regular equipment replacement that offers flexibility and adaptability ensuring it meets the growing needs of the business environment.


Technology plays a vital role in your regular operations and that’s why adequate attention is necessary. Our AV as a Service ensures your AV systems stay updated and your people can easily use them for better productivity.

With our AVaaS subscription, you can get access to all AV solutions and support services that are necessary to ensure smooth system operations, no downtime or tied-up IT resources. Now you can access AV integration, AV preventive maintenance, ongoing training, on-demand help desk and much more – wherever and whenever you require.

Hybrid Meeting Rooms with Flexible Upgradation of Equipment

Utilise our AV-managed services for supporting intuitive video conferencing, easy-to-use and adaptable room scheduling, and faultless audio and video team meetings like Zoom, Teams and Google Meeting Rooms. As your business evolves, the existing solutions need an upgrade and AVFlux ensures that at regular intervals your technology is refreshed and new services are added.

Preserve Cash Flow and Bundle Maintenance and Support

You can now bundle the AV equipment, installation and support services in an affordable subscription-based monthly payment. Moreover, you can choose to lock the cost of the support agreement right now at minimal labour rates for the entire duration of the term. You can get these multi-year support services bundled together in your monthly payment. When considering the value of your money, AVFlux is definitely the lowest-cost method of procurement.

Digital Signage

Our team of experts ensures that the electronic signage is active and the digital content gets continually updated along with a portfolio of digital signage. We integrate the AV with the existing IT infrastructure and manage and control AV applications and devices. Our team provides solutions like audio-visual conferencing, video walls and collaboration tools – a cost-effective approach for accessing high-end technology.


Bringing technology and people together to ensure increased productivity in the workspace – because amazing things happen when technology enters your workspace!

Established with a proven track record

Fortune 500 companies and many other globally recognised business ventures rely on our flexible and secure collaboration and meeting services. Providing proactive engagement to our clients, we do everything starting from initial design and implementation to ongoing maintenance and support.

Experienced Professionals

We offer dedicated expertise to plan, supply, integrate and manage audio-visual system solution integration and other remote collaboration services. Our professionals have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We deploy resources to manage complexity, mitigate tasks and deliver high-end solutions to meet client expectations and ensure the success of the project.

Upgraded Knowledge Base

We are one of the industry leaders in the ICT & Pro AV industry and deliver the best technological solutions to both private and public businesses. We constantly upgrade our knowledge base via training for increasing technical competence, and quality assurance.

End-to-End Provider

We provide a comprehensive solution to transform your workspace to make your business presence have a worldwide impact. Working closely with the manufacturers, we ensure the best support, expertise and resources. We comply with industry standards for delivering reliable, high-quality and future-proof solutions.

Our Approach

From system design to installation and even providing lifecycle support, our professional AV team will be with you through every step. After a consultation, we provide a specific solution based on a five-point, 360-degree framework encompassing all AV needs, ambitions and requirements.

Project Initiation

We determine the AV needs of the client and try to understand the scope of the project. We identify the key project stakeholders and conduct surveys and interviews to understand specific AV requirements.

Designing Customised Solutions

We develop a detailed system design including software and hardware components. We ensure that the design complies with the industry standards and regulations.

Award Phase

We select the vendors for hardware equipment and purchase the materials. After that, we create technical drawings, schematics and blueprints.

Installation, Testing & Commissioning

We prepare site installation including electrical work and cable routing. Then, the hardware components are installed including projectors, display and control systems. After that, all AV systems are tested and integrated to ensure optimal functionality. Lastly, we calibrate audio and video settings ensuring optimal performance.

Project Handover

We provide our clients with comprehensive documentation that includes user manuals and maintenance guides. We also ask for a formal client acceptance document after completion of the project.

Maintenance & Support

We offer ongoing support and maintenance to the client.

Get In Touch

Our team comprises experienced professionals who have your best interest in mind. Any questions on your mind? We are all ears for you, get in touch today!